Los balcones studio city, l.A.’s preeminent destination for mestizo cuisine

About us

This project has been ten years in the making for both Jorge Rodriguez and Ricardo Zarate. Being longtime friends and committed restaurateurs in the Los Angeles restaurant scene, both have spoken about working together for quite a while and now the birth of Los Balcones in Studio City is complete.

Jorge, owner of the iconic Peruvian restaurant, Los Balcones in Hollywood and Ricardo 'the godfather of Peruvian cuisine' both wanted to explore Mestizo cuisine and put a spotlight on Spanish and Peruvian flavors. Both being from Peru, Los Balcones in Studio City is extremely personal and highlights the several ingredients they both grew up surrounded by and enjoying every day.

With signature dishes such as their Seco de Pato, Quinotto and Costilla Short Ribs, Jorge and Ricardo want guests to explore the flavors of Mestizo cuisine together.